MACV-SOG Headquarters  Saigon    (Pictures)

Nha Trang Special Forces HQ Compound (Pictures) 

Initially, there was one Command and Control (C&C) element at DA NANG with sub elements:


  1. FOB-1, 3 and 4 were redesignated CCN – Da Nang

  2. FOB-2 – CCC – Kontum.

  3. FOB-5 –  CCS – Ban Me Thout

  4. FOB-6 – “One Zero” School – Long Tan (Pictures)


In late March 1971, when the 5th Special Force Group was redeployed to the U.S., the Command and Control elements were renamed Task Force Advisory Elements (TF1AE, TF2AE and TF3AE)

Additional Locations 

Radio Relay Sites

Launch Sites

Safe Houses

House 22 - Da Nang

Bars and Clubs

Huckleberry Inn

Other Camps


Air Bases