History of MACV-SOG is a collaborate effort of SOG personnel, historian, author’s, family, and friends of SOG personnel and other unit’s and agencies that assisted MACV-SOG.  History of MACV-SOG will attempt to document the most accurate information we can.  We will attempt to obtain permission for all posted pictures.  We will attempt to give each story, blog and picture named credit what can be clearly visible when viewing the items.  If you believe that an item posted is not properly document, permission was not given or an item is copyrighted, please let us know.

History of MACV SOG tells the stories of those who have fought valiantly to protect the liberty we hold most dear. History of MACVSOG has preserved and honored the legendary feats of our Studies and Observations Group Soldiers.

History of MACV SOG provides military history to Soldiers and veterans, their families, and to the public at large. Our mission is to educate, inspire and engage our communities now and for generations to come.

If you wish your name, bio, pictures, video of other information, please contact us. You can reach Bruce Christensen at 

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