Seeking any personnel, especially those stationed at FOB 4, who recall the loss of Spike Team Asp (Ron Brown, Al Boyer, and Greg Huston) on 28 Mar 1968 in Laos.
Jack Kull
SOA 538-HL

My name is Bill McQuade and I flew AH-1G Cobras out of CCN covering King Bee CH-34s. I would appreciate it if you could put me in touch with members of the Green Hornets 20th SOS, I have some helicopter questions that I would like to discuss with them.

Best Regards,

Bill McQuade

Hello all. My name Is Frank C i had an uncle in 5th grp MACV-SOG 

At the time in country 65-67……69-70 MSG Donald M Lavin.
 Would really appreciate any info from anyone that knew and served with him.
I do know he was part of STRATA and Prairie Fire  Did some time on Monkey Mtn and also covey rider.
 Also was involved in a LRRP mission on 14 Oct 1969 and was awarded second Bronze Star
 Any info will be a joy and if you could help me get in contact with anyone even better. Trying to learn more about what my favorite uncle did since i was only 10 when he was last in country
 Thank You for your time and service.
    Frank Callahan