Honoring SOG’s Secret Warriors

In memory of SGM(R) Johnny D. Yeats

Johnny D. Yeats
Johnny D. Yeats
SGM(R) Johnny D. Yeats
March 5, 2024 (Age 80)
Lowell, Michigan
Special Forces & MACV-SOG
SFA Mem# # D-1923
SOA Mem# 2489
Sgt. Major Johnny D. Yeats, known affectionately as John or Rowdy by his friends, passed away peacefully on March 5, 2024 surrounded by his family, in Lowell, Michigan, after a life marked by service, love, and laughter. Born on December 17, 1943, in Holdenville, Oklahoma, John’s early years were the foundation of a life defined by dedication and joy. John’s journey through life was shared with his beloved wife of 49 years, Marie. Together, they created a legacy of love and family, providing a loving, adventurous home for their daughters, Sandra (Tim) Daniel, Shelly (Greg) Gravelle, and Susan Jones. He was a cherished brother to Cheryl (Mike) Brumett and a fond uncle to several nieces and nephews. He was in death by his precious granddaughter Sarah Jones, brother Bobby Yeats, and parents John and Bernice Yeats. A patriot at heart, John proudly served in the US Army Special Forces for 24 years. As a medic, Green Beret, and Jump Master, he embodied the values of courage and commitment. His love for his country did not cease upon retirement; John continued to serve through government service for 20 years and as a private contractor, dedicating his life to the betterment of the nation he held dear.
In his retirement years, John’s calling to serve led him to become a Pastor for a small church in Killin, Alabama. For about five years, he with the help of Marie faithfully at his side, guided his congregation with the same strength and kindness that he had shown throughout his life. His commitment to faith was unwavering, as evidenced by his devotion to studying the word. John was a man who not only read his Bible faithfully but also spent countless hours immersed in religious books, enriching his soul and those around him. John’s interests reflected the very essence of who he was-a man with a wonderful sense of humor and a gentleman of strong character. Whether he was whistling, singing, or simply sharing his warmth with others, John was loved by everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him. His marriage to Marie in 1975 was the beginning of countless adventures, as they traveled together to various duty stations with their family.

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