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Book Of The Month – SOG Codename Dynamite: A MACV-SOG 1-0’s Personal Journal

SOG Codename Dynamite

SOG Codename Dynamite: A MACV-SOG 1-0’s Personal Journal

by Henry L. Thompson Ph.D. (Author)

From 1964-1972 America engaged in a Top Secret war in Southeast Asia with an elite group of warriors who did not exist. If the enemy caught you, the United States government would deny any involvement with you or what you were doing. You had no protection under the Geneva Convention. You were a spy. You were on your own. This book is a must-read account of a man in extreme combat, who calculates his next missions with a clear and focused mind, and steps off the helicopter skid, aiming to come and kill you. You would not ever wish to be his enemy. The actions described here are about the elite of the elite desperately fighting for their lives and the lives of their teammates as vastly, numerically superior enemy forces closed in on them, and in many cases, killed them and left their mutilated bodies behind for the animals and jungle to consume. This book describes how one of these elite warriors got on the “path” as a child and continued his faithful journey through life until he became a team leader in MACV-SOG leading combat missions deep into Laos, Cambodia, North Vietnam and other countries. His team started all their missions completely surrounded by an overwhelming number of elite North Vietnamese soldiers trained to hunt down and kill SOG teams. LT Dick Thompson, codename Dynamite, describes in heart-stopping detail that takes your breath away, brutal firefights and hand-to-hand combat against overwhelming odds as seen through his eyes. Follow Dynamite as he transitions from a hardcore Airborne Ranger Special Forces warrior into one of the most elite, tier-one special operators on the face of the planet. In the future, scholars will turn first to this book for historic and jarring SOG-related action.


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