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Paul A. Christensen MACV-SOG

The Story Of The Plaque

On 23, August 1968, at 0210 hours, a large element of NVA Sappers attacked Command and Control North, (CCN), Da Nang, Republic of Vietnam. The NVA came in from the sea, after killing the Vietnamese/Yard sentries, they charge into the compound tossing bombs, charges, grenades and small arms fire into the living quarters of MACVSOG personnel. The S2 Headquarters as well as several other areas were attacked and heavily damaged. Personal heroics were displayed by MACVSOG personnel defending their base. In the aftermath, several MACVSOG personnel were killed in the battle. Most of the NVA were also killed, and those who fled were later hunted down. The top pictures shows where a satchel charge was thrown in, and where Paul Christensen was sleeping. This bomb completely destroyed the Hooch. Second Picture, Paul hold the door knob from his blown up Hooch.

This is the story of the plaque above as told to me by my father, S-2, Paul A. Christensen. Within the compound, a young Vietnamese boy lived. SOG personnel called him “Spike”. Spike was the mascot of the camp, he was dressed in GI uniforms and lived among the men. While going through the burned out rubble, Spike came across this FOB #4 plaque. He walked up to my father, Paul Christensen and with sadness in his eyes, shaking his head gave it to him, (Paul). The holes in it are from NVA – AK-47 or CAR-15, M-16 rounds as well as bomb fragmentation. The burn marks are from the fires that erupted after the explosions.

My Father wrote Gilbert Secor on the plaque. Gilbert was killed in the attack. Gilbert and my Father spent TDY in 1962-63 together in the early days of Nam. Both Medics during that tour, they were best of friends. 

August 23, 1968
Paul Christensen MACV-SOG

(Right Picture) Locaiton where Paul was sleeping and location of bomb placement.  (Left Picture) Paul sleeping quarters.  Note door knob in hand.