ABCCCAirborne Battlefield Command & Control Center
AEAdvisory Element
AH-1G Cobras. Also known as “Cobra”H-34 Helicopters usually flown by Vietnamese pilots
AHCAssault Helicopter Company
AHECArmed Helicopter Escort Company
AIZAir Interdiction Zone
ARAAerial Rocket Artillery
ARVNArmy of the Republic of Vietnam
BABase Area
BDABomb Damage Assessment
Bravo HotelBen Het SF camp
C&CCom-and and Control
CATCivil Air Transport
CBUCluster Bomb Unit
CCCCommand and Control Central
CCNCommand and Control North
CCSCommand and Control South
CIACentral Intelligence Agency
CIDGCivilian Irregular Defense Group
CINCPACCommander in Chief, Pacific
CISOCounterinsurgency Support Office
CNOChief of Naval Operations
COMSECCommunication Security
COMUSMACTHAICommander, USA Military Assistance Command, Thailand
COMUSMACVComander, USA Military Command, Vietnam
COSVNCentral Office for South Vietnam
CRFCoastal Recovery Force
CRPCombat Recon Platoon
CSGCombined Studies Group
CSSCoastal Security Service (So Phong Ve Duyen Hai)
Delta Papa ThreeJohn Plaster’s call sign while flying as Covey Rider in Bronco
Delta TangoFOB at Dak To
DIADefense Intelligence Agency
DMZDemilitarized Zone
DZDrop Zone
E&EEscape and Evasion
ECMElectronic Countermeasure
EEIEssential Element of Information
EWOTSEarly Warning Observation Team
FACForward Air Control
FANKFores Armees National Khmeres (Cambodian National Army)
FLIRForward Looking Infrared Radar
FOBForward Operating Base
FOB-1 Phu Bai - Later were redesignated CCN
FOB-3Khe Sanh / Mai Loc - Later were redesignated CCN
FOB-4Da Nang - Later were redesignated CCN
FOB-5Ban Me Thout
FOB-6 Ho Noc Tao - Later were redesignated 1-0 School, Long Tan
Foxtrot Mike FM radio frequency
Fulton surface-to-air recovery system (STARS) A system used by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), United States Air Force and United States Navy for retrieving persons on the ground using aircraft such as the MC-130E Combat Talon I.
FWMFFree World Miltary Forces
GCMACroupment De Commandos Aeroportes
HALOHigh Altitude Low Opening
ICCInternational Control Commission
IDHSIntelligence Data Handling System
JACKJoint Advisory Commission Korea
JCRCJoint Casualty Resolution Center
JCSJoint Chiefs of Staff
JPRCJoint Personnel Recovery Center
JSCMJoint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum
JTDJoint Table of Distribution
JUSPAOJoint US Public Affairs Organisation
JUWTFJoint Unconventional Warfare Task Force
Kilo November Known North. Position is “Kilo November”
KKKKhmer Kampuchea Krom
LLDBLuc Luong Duc Biet (VN Special Forces)
LOCLines of Communication
LSADLiaison Service Advisory Detachment
LurchDavid Mixter’s personnel call sign
LZLanding Zone
MAAGMilitary Assistance Advisory Group
MACVMilitary Assistance Command, Vietnam
MACV-SOGMilitary Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observation Group
MAFMaritime Amphibious Force
MAROPSMaritime Operations
McGUIRE RIGThe McGuire rig was designed by a member of Project DELTA to quickly lift an individual from the jungle by helicopter. It was a rope 150-200 feet long with a strap type saddle sewn to the end, it had two hold straps.
MLTMobile Launch Team
MRMilitary Region
MSTMobile Support Team
NADNaval Advisory Detachment
NCONon-Commissioned Officer
NLFNational Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam
NOFORNNo Foreign Dissemination
NSANational Security Agency
NSAMNational Security Action Memorandum
OJSOffice of Joint Chief of Staff
OPLANOperations Plan
OSSOffice of Strategic Services
PanthersAH-1G Cobras. Also known as “Cobra”
PARUPolice Aerial Reinforcement Unit
PAVNPeople's Army of Vietnam
PCFPatrol Craft Fast
PLAPeople's Liberation Army of China
PlasticmanJohn Plaster’s personal call sign while on a RT
POLPetroleum Oil and Lubricants
PRCPeople's Republic of China
PRUProvincial Reconnaissance Unit
PSYOPSPsychological Operations
PTSPatrol Type, Fast
R&DResearch and Development
RONRemain Over Night
RPGRocket Propelled Grenade
RTRecon Team
RTAFBRoyal Thai Air Force Base
SAATSafe Area Activation Team
SACStrategic Air Command
SACSASpecial Assistant for Counterinsurgency and Special Activities
SAMSurface to Air Missile
SARSerach and Rescue
SCUSpecial Commando Unit
SEACORDSoutheast Asia Coordinating Committee
SEAToSoutheast Asia Treaty Organization
SESStrategic Exploitation Service (So Khai Thac Dia Hinh
SFGSpecial Forces Group
SITStrategic Intelligence Team
SLAMSearch, Locate, Annihilate, Monitor
SMAGSpecial Mission Advisory Group
SMFSpecial Mission France
SMMSaigon Military Mission
SMSSpecial Mission Service
SMSADSpecial Mission Service Advisory Detachment
SOCOMSpecial Operations Command
SODSpecial Operations Detachment
SOGStudies and Observation Group
SOSSpecial Operations Squadron
SOWSpecial Operations Wing
SPAFSneaky Pete Air Force
SSBSingle Side Band (Radio Circuit)
SSPLSacred Sword of the Patriot League
STSpike Team
STABO HARNESSThis rig was tested at the RECONDO School on 281st aircraft but was not actually used by Project Delta until early 1970.
STDStrategic Technical Directorate
STDATStrategic Technical Directorate Assistance Team
STRATAShort Term Roadwatch and Target Acquisition
Straw Hat/TypeCode name for American personnel on a RT
STSStrategic Technical Service (So Ky Thuat)
SUPPFACSupport Facility
SVNSouth Vietnam
TACCTactical Air Control Center
TACETraining Center Advisory Element Temporary Duty
Tango PapaPat Mitchels call sign as 1-0
TASSTactical Air Support Squadron
TESSpecial Topographical Exploration Service (So Khai Thac Dia Hinh
TFAETask Force Advisory Element
Tilt John Meyers Call Sign while on RT
TRADOCTraining and Doctrine Command
UniformUHF radio frequency
USARVU.S. Army, Vietnam
USIAUnited States Information Agency
UWUnconventional Warfare
VIATVietnamese Air Transport
VictorVHF radio frequency
VNAFVietnamese Air Force
VOFVoice of Freedom
VSSPLVoice of the Sacred Sword of the Patriot League
White LeadHuey in charge of flying the rescue mission
WinchesterAir assets that are out of ordnance