FOB-5 –Ban Me Thout

SOG Bases
Ban Me Thout

CCS HQ was at Ban Me Thout, but when we launched into the Fishhook or Parrots Beak areas of Cambodia, we used Quan Loi as our southern launch site so that we were closer to our AO. Often we’d have 3 or 4 teams at a time at Quan Loi while they ran their individual missions. It was not unusual for teams to go down there for a given mission and then depending on the intel collected or additional target of opportunities that popped up, these teams would run multiple missions. Quan Loi was actually considered “good digs” for us as we awaited missions. CCS SOG Soldier “Mike Ash”

Mike Crimmings - CCS RT PICK @ Quan Loi

Mike Crimmings – CCS RT PICK @ Quan Loi

Movie theater at Quan Loi – those that sat on those ammo box seats can not forget the smell emitted from the shit burning details adjacent to this area. The outhouses had cut off 55 gal drums under the crapper and we had camp help dump some diesel into the barrel along with the sewage, lite it on fire and sit there stirring that shit until the fire died out!! – Mike Ash CCS

Movie theater at Quan Loi
Quan Loi

These were two of the guys that were assigned to burn the shit. They were local Yards that worked for us at Quan Loi. CCS –

Mike Ash

This was a bunker that was along the walk way from the admin part of our camp and our temporary tent barracks area. CCS Mike Ash

CCS Bunker
Bartender CCS

This was our beautiful bar tended standing outside the bar just to the right of the bunker above. CCS  – Mike Ash

This is Frank Opel (RT Awl) using the urinal just outside the bar. He drank Scotch and Root beer while he played some pretty serious double handed pinochle in the bar. CCS  – Mike As

Frank Opel (RT Awl)
RT Pick

This is the tail gunner awaiting the next mission (RT Pick I believe). CCS Mike Ash

Bill Thomas & Rick Butterfield At North Side

Bill Thomas & Rick Butterfield