Command and Control North (CCN) was formed by MACV-SOG in late 1967 as an expansion of its Da Nang Forward Operations Base (FOB) which included launch sites established as early as 1964 at Hue – Phu Bai, Khe Sanh and Kham Due. CCN, always the largest of the three MACV-SOG field commands, was command- ed by a lieutenant colonel. It was assigned conduct of classified special unconventional warfare missions into Laos and North Vietnam. CCN was organized along the lines of CCC and was composed of Spike recon teams (RT), Hatchet forces and lettered SLAM companies. Missions into North Vietnam were initiated as early as I February 1964 under Operation Plan 34A. Operations into Laos commenced in September 1965 as part of Operation SHINING BRASS, renamed PRAIRIE FIRE in 1968. By this time MACV-SOG had at its disposal two battalions of American-led Nung tribesmen as reaction forces capable of performing large combat missions. CCN often operated in conjunction with the CIA-trained Meo tribesmen of Gen. Vang Pao. In 1971 the Laotian operations were given the code name PHU DUNG, and in March of that year MACV-SOG created Task Force I Advisory Element to replace its three field commands. This task force was located at Da Nang.

Seabees from NMCB 12 built sea huts on the base in 1968.

CCN Recon Company

Recon Company CCN made in early 1970, somewhere between late January and early March.  I believe it was made the day that GEN Abrams came to the camp and pinned medals on the team memberS of ST Alabama and there may have been someone else.  The original is very grainy and it was probably made with a Olympus PenEE but I am not sure.  In the photo CPT Stewart was Recon Co CO, SGT (SSG??) Fitzgerald was the guidon bearer.  MSG Bob Cole is at the head of the far right rank.  I am at the head of the third rank from the left.  I recognize other faces but have forgotten names.  ALL THE WAY  ——Larry Greene