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MG Eldon Bargewell Delta Park Challenge Coin (fundraiser)

Eldon Bargewell Coin

MG Eldon Bargewell Delta Park Challenge Coin (fundraiser)

With permission from MG Eldon Bargewll family and the MG Eldon Bargewll Foundation (EBF), Special Operations Group (SOG) www.norbay.com – History of MACV-SOG, www.sogsite.com, has minted the MG Eldon Bargewell Challenge Coin. – The coin profits will be donated to the MG Eldon Bargewll Foundation (EBF) to assist in the completion of the Delt Park project. The coin will be mailed out July 1, 2021.

The coin is 1.75″ with a diamond twist cut.  One Side MG Bargewell picture, the other side MG Bargewell’s units and commands.  Years that he served enlisted and years as an Officer with the United States Army.   The cost of the coin is $20.00.  $15.00 of which will go towards the Delta Park project.  $5.00 used for coin cost and admin.   As of date, $120.00 has been raised to help build the park.

The purpose of the MG Eldon Bargewell Foundation (EBF) is to honor Hoquiam native Major General Eldon Bargewell USA (ret.) by building Delta Park. Our goal is to raise $300,000 to erect a statue of Eldon and three plaques showing his service to our country, his leadership and the honors he earned, including the Distinguished Service Cross (our nation’s second highest award for valor), 6 bronze stars (3 with V for valor and 3 for his service), and 4 purple hearts.

Donations will also be used to landscape the park and provide a fund to maintain the park in the future.

100% of donations go to the Delta Park Project and are tax deductible.

We will post monthly on this site the amount of funds raised for this project.

You can purchase this coin on this website or www.norbay.com


Thank you for your support!

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