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Early this year we launched a comprehensive website, the History of MACV-SOG.  (www.sogsite.com).   History of MACV-SOG tells the stories of those who have fought valiantly to protect the liberty we hold most dear.  The history of MACV-SOG will preserved and honored the legendary feats of our Studies and Observations Group warriors.

The history of MACV-SOG provides military history to today’s soldiers, veterans of all conflicts, their families, and to the public at large. Our mission is to educate, inspire and engage our communities now and for generations to come.

Today there is a great interest in SOG.  Several new books have been written.  Podcast from Jacko, John Meyers, Black Rifle Coffee and other have a huge following on Youtube.  There is a new online game, Arma 3 + S.O.G. Prairie Fire which is on fire with the younger generation. 

How your company can support the History of MACV-SOG

Your contributions will allow our staff to document each and every person assigned to SOG and supporting units.  Each person assigned to SOG or who supported SOG will have a Bio and Picture page.  Each name will be linked to their perspective page.  Also, a banking account will be set up to ensure that the History of MACV-SOG will have never ending hosting.

What your company receives when supporting the History of MACV-SOG

Your company logo and link will be affixed to our rotating banner.   There is a potential that a vast amount of people will view your logo and visiting your web site.  Also, we will have a drop-down menu for our sponsors, this will be directed to your website. 

Annual             $500.00 – Per Year

Life Time         $2,000.00 – One Time Fee.

Stats:  January to July 22, 2021  www.sogsite.com

Check out our google placement.   Always first page, second and third placement.

Please feel free to contact me.

Bruce Christensen
(707) 588-8438

Email: specialopsgp@aol.com
Website:  www.sogsite.com

History of MACV-SOG Newest Sponsor

Military Graphic

Military Graphics https://militarygraphics.com/

Military Graphics has been in the business of providing the highest quality USA made vinyl decals for over 20 years. When we opened our business, our artists started drawing the most popular designs in high resolution vector graphics, and have been continuing to do so over the years as new designs are requested.  To date we have added more than 7,000 decal designs to our website at https://militarygraphics.com. Our focus has always been on creating the highest quality product, as well as the best possible customer service for our customers, which include the military, active duty, veterans, law enforcement, emergency responders, and aviation. We appreciate the opportunity to serve our customers, and their military service!  

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