Honoring SOG’s Secret Warriors

5th SFG(A) Hall of Heroes/Museum at Fort Campbell, KY.

Recon Team Drills
Your help is needed.
Today (12-2-21) a teleconference was held with Doug Godshall (President, Special Operations Association), Brian Vines (5th SFG(A) Hall of Heroes/Museum), and myself Bruce Christianson (SOA Museum Committee Chairman). We discussed providing MACSOG items to the 5th SFG(A) Hall of Heroes/Museum at Fort Campbell, KY. Everyone agreed that this is an amazing opportunity to preserve the legacy of an important part of 5th Group’s history in Viet Nam.
Concept of Operation:
With donations from SOA members, former MACSOG members and their families SOA who can provide MACSOG memorabilia to the 5th Group Museum to outfit mannequins representing two distinguished 5th Group MACSOG Soldiers. Also other artifacts will be in the display. Everyone who donates will have their name and which item donated in the proudly display.
SOA is in need of the following items.
Tiger Stripe top and pants
OD top and pants
Jungle Boots
Web gear (Pouches, Canteen etc)
Boonie hat
inert grenades, Willie Pete, CS, Claymore
med Kit
Cisco Bowie knife
SOG Bolo Machete
Survival Gear
and other accessories.
We would like to do an unveiling/dedication during next year’s 5th Group Reunion at Fort Campbell, KY.
Also, SOA is in discussion having MACV-SOG represented in the Airborne Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville, NC.
Contact me: Bruce Christensen @ specialoperationsgroup@comcast.net 

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