SOG's Para, HALO, String and Ladders

NB-8 Parachute
NB-8 Parachute
The NB-8 Personnel Parachute Assembly is a back type parachute assembly which includes a 28-foot diameter, flat, nylon canopy with 28 gores. The canopy is packed in a container assembly which is secured to the air crewman’s back by a harness assembly.


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The STABO rig was far more secure, safe and comfortable than the McGuire rig, and perhaps most importantly, it allowed the unrestricted use of the operator’s hands, to operate any weapons during the frequently ‘hot’ extractions from a combat landing or pickup zone. Further, the rig was equally effective if an operator was wounded or unconscious.


The McGuire RIG

The McGuire rig was designed by a member of Project DELTA to quickly lift an individual from the jungle by helicopter. It was a rope 150-200 feet long with a strap type saddle sewn to the end, it had two hold straps. The rider had to hold himself in the rig and it was difficult to get into, especially for wounded troopers.  This device was conceived and built by SGM McGuire and tested by the 145th Aviation Platoon.  CPT John W. “Jack” Green, III then a pilot with the 145th made the first emergency extraction for Project Delta with a McGuire Rig.
(Photo: Bob Mitchell

Attaching block, Ropes, Ladder, STABO harness (Photo: “US Army Uniforms of the Vietnam War,” Shelby Stanton)

Extraction Equipment

281st UH-1H #113 at the RECONDO School training LRRPS and aircrew in Ladder Operations (Picture compliments of Dennis Crowe Bandit 23)