The combat elements associated with CCN were used to reinforce and assist in the recon mission. The first MACV-SOG recon teams were initially called “SPIKE TEAMS”, later “RECON TEAMS” each team consisting generally of 2 to 3 US SF personnel and up to 9 indigenous personnel.  CCN fielded approximately 30 recon teams which were named after US States and Snakes

Recon teams that got into difficulty could call for assistance from US led reaction forces known as “HATCHET FORCES”, these were of platoon size and consisted of 5 US SF and about 30 indigenous personnel. “HATCHET FORCES” could also be used for ambushes as well as reinforcing recon teams when needed.  Two or more “HATCHET FORCES” combined were termed as a “HAVOC” or “HORNET” force.  Full SOG companies were called “SLAM” companies, Search, Location, Annihilation, Monitor (or Mission). 

FOB-4 – Da Nang - CCN

RT Hunter

RT Montana

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