Recon Team Vermont

Last NameFirst NameEntry DatesDeparted PositionBio and PicturesRemarks
BelletireFrank L.68.11.151-1
BirchimJames D. 68.11.151-0KIA
BurkinsLee C.RT CO
Copley William Michael 68.11.161-1Bio and Pictures MIA
GreenDonald A.69.10.2070.011-2
Hein Jr.Charles J. 70.05.08KIA - White Phosphorus Accident
KramerLarry G.
KuropasMichael V.70.04.151-1KIA
LoeRoger T.
MillerFranklin D "Frank" 69.0870.011-0Bio and Pictures MOH
PackardDonald D.71.0972.041-1
WieprechtDavid E.70.011-0
RT Vermont

RT Vermont at Dak To following some heavy fighting. Present are MOH recipient Sargeant Franklin Miller, Sargeant Glenn Uemura and Major John Plaster in the back row, with One-Two Sergeant Chuck Hein in the front row with two yards. I read that Sergeant Hein was killed two weeks after this picture was taken.