Gilbert Lee Hamilton

Gilbert Lee Hamilton

Gilbert Lee Hamilton was born on December 26, 1936. According to our records Colorado was his home or enlistment state and Denver County included within the archival record. We have Denver listed as the city.

He had enlisted in the United States Army. Entered the service via Regular Military. Served during the Vietnam War. He began his tour on August 21, 1967. Hamilton had the rank of Sergeant First Class. His military occupation or specialty was Radio Operator. Service number assignment was 26244416. Attached to Special Forces, Recon Team North Carolina, 5th Special Forces Group.

During his service in the Vietnam War, Army Sergeant First Class Hamilton experienced a traumatic event which ultimately resulted in loss of life on February 2, 1968. Recorded circumstances attributed to: Hostile Died of Wounds, Gun Small Arms Fire, Ground Casualty. Incident location: South Vietnam, Quang Nam province.  Sergeant First Class Gilbert Hamilton was serving with Recon Team North Carolina when he was fatally wounded in Vietnam on January 17, 1968. He was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

Gilbert Lee Hamilton is buried or memorialized at Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver, Denver County, Colorado. This is a National American Cemetery administered through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Gilbert is honored on the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington DC. Name inscribed at VVM Wall, Panel 36e, Line 73.