RT Texas

FOB-2 CCC Kontum

RT Texas Team Patch (1)
Last NameFirst NameEntry DatesDeparted PositionBio and PicturesRemarks
AdamsRichard E.
AndersonHarry J.
Angster Jr.Robert C.
ClaytonCharles V. 70.1171.111-2
CorrenSherman D.
DuncanJames L.
EricksonAlbert M.
FosterJimmy A.
GilmerDavid L.
GoldenFoyle N. 68
GoodJohn W. 7071.071-0
GreenDonald A. 70.061-2
Hall Jr. Robert Van671-2
HaweRichard L.
Long Jr. Clarence W.
MattocksRonald W. 70.041-1
Morris Jr.Paul L. 681-1
Moss Lynn M.71.071-0
Moye Jr.Millard W.
NorthBruce A. 681-0
NowakRichard R.
ParnarJoseph F.68.0768.081-2
PetersonJohn P.
RaderLarry B.
SammartinoAllen C. 70.0671.071-1
SeymourLeo E.67.07.03 1-0KIA
SpurgeonWilliam O. 1-7010-701-0
TaylorJohn C. 68
Todd Laughlin J. "Toby"72.051-2
UemuraGlenn M.
WebbClarence H. "Pappy"67.10 1-0
Willey Lawrence R.67.071-1
WillisBilly D.1-2
WilsonBurrell A.
Windley Jr.Marion C.
My name is Bill Spurgeon, I held the 1-0 position on RT Texas at CCC from Jan-Oct 1970. I wanted to give you a little history of RT Texas and offer some changes to your website.
In July of 69, RT Texas captured a POW. In August 69 the team was basically deactivated due to reassignments, people leaving and one medevac. There was no RT Texas from August 69 until Jan 70 when Glen Uemura and I reformed the team.
During the time I was 1-0 (Jan 70-Oct 70), the following persons were assigned to the team. Obviously, some remained on the team after I left
    Glen Uemura, 1-1,  Jan 70 – Apr 70
    Ron Mattocks, 1-2, 1-1, Mar 70 – Feb 71
    Clarence Hebron, 1-3,  Feb 70 – Mar 70
    John Good, 1-1, Jul 70 – Sep 71 (John took over as 1-0 after I left on Oct 70
    Don Green, 1-3,  Jul 70 – Dec 70
    Marion Windley, Strap-Hanger,  Oct 70 – Nov 70
Peo Rahlan remained the 0-1 / Interpreter from Jan 70 – Sep 71
The RT Texas Team Patch on your website is a fake. I have enclosed a photo of the actual team patch Uemura and I designed in early 1970. I had the patches made in Taiwan while I was on a CCK flight.
David Gilmer with the beer. and Richard Nowak in the black hat.

David Gilmer with the beer. and Richard Nowak in the black hat.  Geoffrey May (RT Arkansas) with the red hair.

RT Texas, Feb. 1970

RT Texas, Feb 70
Bill Spurgeon, RT Texas 1-0

Bill Spurgeon, RT Texas 1-0

Recon Team Texas on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Recon Team Texas on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.