RT Iowa

RT New Hampshire
Last NameFirst NameEntry DatesDeparted PositionBio and PicturesRemarks
AndersonHarry J. 1-0
Lt. Harry J. AndersonCodename: “Savage.”
BeatonPeter D. 691-2
BelletireFrank L.
BinghamDennis W. 69.07.17KIA
BirchimJames D. 68.11.15 KIA
BozikisRonald H. 69.10.251-2KIA
CurryWilliam A. 70.0671.121-1
EnnenGary O.
FlottCharles L.
Giaco IIIJames M. 70.12-71.0171.04-051-2RT AZ
Horion Walter R. 69.05-0669.091-2
HowardRobert L.
JohannssonThorgrimur 69.091-0
Jordan Gregory M.
KeeverSteven H. STP
LindblomDaniel L.
McClureWilliam L. 68.11.201-0
MillerFranklin D "Frank"1-0
MoralesEdgar J. 69.1070.011-0
NewmanJohn R. "Kamikaze" 70.1271.04
NubbyBilly A. 69.091-0
Nunn James A. 1-1
NunnJames A "Jim" 70.071-1
PalkVirgil D.
RipantiJames L. 66.03.16KIA
St. MartinJohn
Turnbull III Turner B. "Rusty" 69.05691-0
WilliamsRobert F.
WitteRonald E. 70.0671.051-1
Colonel Robert Howard

 Sgt Daniel L. Lindblom, Team New Hampshire 1-1 (right) 

John St. Martin 

John St. Martin
RT New Hampshire 1-0 Fred Krupa

RT New Hampshire 1-0 Fred Krupa moments before hitting a truck convoy in Laos and snatching a POW in a combined operation with John Plaster’s RT California.
On 27 April 1971, CPT Krupa went missing in the Plei Trap Valley while leading a company of Hatchet Force raiders into a hot LZ. His slick was raked by enemy fire as it flared on short-final and he fell after being hit. The insertion package was driven off and although a Bright Light effort was mounted, Fred was never found.

Lt. Harry J. Anderson, RT New Hampshire 1-0, while assigned to Command and Control Central in 1969.  Codename: “Savage.”

RT New Hampshire 1-0