Mobile Launch Team 3 HEAVY HOOK NKP 1969

Mobile Launch Team 3 HEAVY HOOK

First Row: Al Fontes, Bill Shelton,  Dawg, Leo Pasco, Leno Trejo
Standing: Unk, Dale Caveness, Jim Sweeny, John Duffy, Dick McKinney, Ted Hanson, Jim Mitchell, Larry Doyle

Text and pictures by LTC Bill Shelton, (USA, Ret.)  Callsigns: BLASTER. FATCAPPER 6; ASSIGNMENTS: CO FOB1, 68-69; Ops Off CCN and OP35, early 69; CO MLT 3 Heavy Hook (NKP), 69-70  NOTE: info is based on the launches from the CCN/MLT 3 areas, and from actual knowledge from 1968 – 1970. (It must be pointed out that CCS used their FACs in a different way, i.e, the FAC usually flew by himself, controlling all air assets, and dealing with the team on the ground.) Up north, we had a “rider”, an Army type, usually an experienced recon man, who assisted the FAC, and dealt with the ground team.