Mike Crimmings CCS

Mike Crimmings

A Canadian by birth

Mike a native of Guelph, Ontario would follow in the footsteps of an estimated 40'000 other Canadians who would join the U.S military during the Viet nam war. Seeking adventure Crimmings would seek to join the Special forces. He soon wore the Green beret proudly. When opportunity knocked to join an elite covert unit he jumped at the chance and became a member of MACVSOG CCS. SGT Crimmings would be a key member of multiple teams. One team RT Pick he would serve with another Canadian RJ Graham the two became friends. Their exploits being mentioned in fellow SOG vet John Plasters book " The secret wars of Americas commandos" page 145. He refers to them as "Crazy Canadians"

Photo credit Crimmings family
Photo credit Crimmings family
RT Pick just after coming back from a POW snatch mission in Cambodia. Story of this mission is in Plaster's book SOG. Left to Right is RJ Graham (1-0), Mike Crimmings (1-1) and straphangers, Mike Ash and Frank Opel. Side note - yes that is a self bow in RJ Grahams hand and yes it was used in combat!
Crimmings and RJ Graham receive Purple hearts CCS
Both Crimmings and fellow teammate RJ Graham can be seen on the left.