Map 4: Agent Orange Spray Map

Map 4: Agent Orange Spray Map

This graphic shows the locations of areas inside South Vietnam that were heavily sprayed with Agent Orange dioxin insecticide by US Air Force planes.  Each dot represents an area of 9.6 miles in diameter.  The graphic does not include any spraying that might have been done with Army or South Vietnamese (RVN) helicopters or ground applications.

In addition to the Agent Orange, dioxin mixtures called Agent Blue, Agent Red, Agent White and Agent Silver were used.  The strengths of Dioxin (TCDD) in each kind of agent varied: Orange was up to 40 ppm; Blue up to 45 ppm; Red up to 6.5 ppm; White up to 65.6 ppm; and Silver up to 70 ppm.

The border areas sprayed in the CCS Area of Operations covered all of the Forward Support Sites (FSS) we used for the launching of our recon teams.  The Ban Me Thuot area where the CCS main camp was located received 16,000 gallons of Orange and 9,250 gallons of White agents.  The Plei Jerang FSS area received 98,220 gallons of Orange, 51,235 gallons of White and 1,800 gallons of Blue.  The Dak To FSS  area got  49,460 gallons of Orange; 600 gallons of White and 34,800 gallons of Blue agent.  The LZ English area, that includes Quan Lois MLS, got 63,073 gallons of Orange, 630 gallons of White and 6,000 gallons of Blue agent.

This spray program was used to kill the vegetation that could conceal the enemy from aerial view.  Unfortunately, it also has been identified as a major source of cancer experienced by some of our returning veterans.

{Ed. Note – The above information was extracted from a report compiled by the Michigan Agent Orange Commission of Smiths Creek, MI, and released in a Special Operations Association Mailing List email on July 1, 2013.}