Larry T. Manes

 Laughing Larry, the Deuterium Midget, el squat supreme — the man with no neck, sausage-like fingers, and a penchant for dropkicking unruly subordinates through the goalposts of life. Captain Larry T. Manes, Recon Company commanding officer of TF1AE (CNN), December 1970 — July 1972.. Big thanks to Uncle Nick for the colorful nicknames found in his excellent books. We Few and Whispers in the Grass. 

Larry completed five tours in Vietnam with SF beginning in ‘63 in the Seven Mountains region close to the Cambodian border. Then it was on to Project DELTA in ‘65 before going to SOG at FOB-1 with RT Alaska in ‘67. Then on to MACV’s infamous RECONDO School as an instructor through ‘69 for his fourth tour. His final tour saw him as Recon Co. CO at CCN through 1972. In fact, the man spent so much time in RVN they issued him a South Vietnamese drivers license!

He finally retired in 1976 after 20 years.

Captain Larry T. Manes,