Gary L Crone

SSG Gary L. Crone
Gary was born on December 3rd, 1941. His home of record was York, PA. He joined the army, and served for 8 years, being promoted to Staff Sergeant.  At the time of his death, he was serving with Special Forces at FOB 3, Khe Sanh, RVN, as a member of a  team under the late MSG Bill Wood. On a mission to Hill 471, vicinity of Khe San, his team was ambushed, and SSG Crone was KIA. His remains were not recovered until after the Siege, in early April 1968. (See above for details.) After recovery, his remains were interred in Zion View, PA. His parents are buried there as well. Gary is survived by several family members, one of whom, his eldest sister, provided the photograph above and some of his biographical details.
Gary is honored on Panel 35E, Row 58, and on the Vietnam Veterans’ War Memorial site and there is a mention of him on the Medics on the Wall site.
(Ed. Note: there has been a story circulating for years that SSG Crone was captured alive and decapitated by the NVA. MSG Wood’s comments clearly demonstrate that this tale is incorrect, as SSG Crone was definitely KIA at the onset. The story probably started because the head became detached from the body when it was recovered, after months of exposure. Whatever else the NVA or VC may have been responsible for, this was not one of them. MSG Wood expressed indignation about this story, as he viewed it as implying that he had left SSG Crone while he was still alive.)