Gamble C. Dick

l was born and grew up in Tucson, AZ. I enlisted at age 19 with the intention of becoming an SF medic but was seduced by OCS. Eventually landed in Phu Bai assigned to the Cambodian Hatchet Force. Had some adventures, mostly bright lights and loved SOG. My second tour, despite some real effort on my part to get back to SOG, found me leading a leg rifle company in the 1st Div. I left the Army when the war ended, finished college, and joined the Arizona State Troopers. I am forever proud of my military service, especially my time spent in SOG and honor all those who served there.

A Glorious Nightmare: In 64 Shades of Green

by Gamble Dick

A Vietnam veteran shares the story of his first tour to the jungles of Vietnam. What began as a short letter to his grandchildren evolved into a book chronicling his experiences as a Special Forces (Green Beret) soldier and honoring those who so gallantly fought beside him. Join Gamble in the jungle and get a firsthand look into a true life of a Green Beret in Vietnam.

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