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Bruce Christensen (left) owner of Special Operations Group ~ North Bay Listings.  San Quentin SERT Commander, Lieutenant, Death Row Lt.  Sniper  Parole Agent
Paul "Chris" Christensen (middle)  (Veteran of  WW2, Korea (8240th UNPFK), Vietnam S.F. MACVSOG.
Brother Paul (right) 82nd AB, 25th Inf. etc etc. who continues to live life to its fullest.
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San Quentin Prison - 150th Anniversary (Hardcover)

By: Bruce Christensen (Author)

Bruce Christensen

Started his career at San Quentin in 1982.  Accepted in the elite Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) in 1986.  Attended 11th Basic SERT, and other SWAT related training. Attended FBI Sniper School in 1986, CDC Marksman School 1987.  When on to become a SERT Instructor, teaching SERT Advanced Academies, Basic and Advanced Sniper Schools.  Participated in DOJ B&E CAMP in 1988 and was a CRAT Member in 1989.  At age 29, prompted to Lieutenant, becoming the youngest Lieutenant to be promoted at San Quentin.  Became SERT's 4th SERT Commander.   Bruce Christensen was assigned to San Quentin's most dangerous unit, the Adjustment Center (AC)  Death Row.   In 2001 assigned to State Parole, San Francisco.  Later assigned to State Parole Sonoma, Marin and Napa County.  Retired in 2011. 

Accomplishments: Author  San Quentin, 150th anniversary commemorative book

Acted: Blood in Blood out.  Bound By Honor.

Nominated for Marin County Peace Officer of the Year -Twice

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