This Page is dedicated to:

Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Collin T. Thomas

Died August 18, 2010 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom
33, of Morehead, Ky.; assigned to an East Coast-based SEAL team; died Aug. 18 during a combat operation in eastern Afghanistan.

Special Operations Group
Military and Law Enforcement Collectibles

Official Osama Bin Laden Martini  Patch
Two Shots and Splash.

The Patch is large, 5 inches.  Quality is superb .

SEAL Team Six and SOAR 160 (Night Stalkers) are represented in the Patch.
SOAR 160 is the Aviation Crew who fly Special Operations.
Also the official Kill Date and Acknowledge of Kill. "Geronimo E-KIA"

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Please note: This Patch has been Copyrighted. ©


Official Osama Bin Laden Marini

Huge 5" Patch

Let us not forget this date.

All Involved, Job well done.



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